My Datawindow DebugMachine

This is a tool that helps to understand a lot of situation with datawindow.

Let’s see in action:

DWDebugMachine Wink(html)

(c) 2011 – Nicolas Sébastien Pierre Olivier GEORGES This code is under the Artistic license.

Archive files (for Powerbuilder 10.5) :

  • dwdebugmachine.pbw
  • dwdebugmachine105.exe
  • dwdebugmachine105.pbd
  • dwdebugmachine105.pbl
  • dwdebugmachine105.pbt
  • geni_dwdm105.pbd
  • geni_dwdm105.pbl
  • Icon_5.ico
  • LexDWExpr.dll
  • pbnicw.pbd
  • PbniCW.pbx
  • pbnihash.pbd
  • PbniHash.pbx
  • pbnilist.pbd
  • PbniList.pbx
  • pbniregex.pbd
  • PbniRegex.pbx
  • SciLexer.dll
  • Artistic

This code use pbniregex, pbnihash, pbnicw, pbnilist that are also available at seki’s powerbuilder page. You can use 7zip to extract the archive.

I forgot to mention that it is based on Roland Smith Splitters and scilexer wrapper.
So feel free to visit