My Datawindow DebugMachine v2.3 (updated)


The datawindow swiss knife has new features ! 

Hey, lot of time that I haven’t posted anything there, Okay it is time to release the next version of these tools with this new key features :

  • data buffers spy
  • modified cells finder
  • quick find in the list of controls/properties treeview
  • datawindowchild spy (eg: when you have a dddw column, Ctrl+Right click on it to open a new debugmachine on this child)

some screen shoots :

DWDebugMachine 2 - console
DWDebugMachine 2 - history
DWDebugMachine 2 - data
DWDebugMachine 2 - data changes
DWDebugMachine 2 - data computes
DWDebugMachine 2 - child

This code use pbniregex, pbnihash, pbnicw, pbnilist that are also available at seki’s powerbuilder page.

This tool is based on Roland Smith Splitters and scilexer wrapper,

You can use 7zip to extract the archive.

This archive contains Powerbuilder 10.5 sources (under the Artistic license) and binaries.